About us

The astrologer known as Siddhar Dasan Mr. Selvakumar was blessed to meet Siddhar sages and sadhus at a young age and learned the secrets of astrology and became a spiritual advisor and guide to many people.

The little baby mother who is an incarnation of Maha Kali near Tiruvarur met them directly and received their perfect grace and love. Siddhas researched about the world of spirit world and subtle world and became a guide to the lives of many people through remedies through Mahan Mystic Selvam. Participating in spiritual programs and writing various research articles in many spiritual magazines, he has published many rare information on Z Tamil TV’s “Believe It Belief” program, Annan Sami who performs miracles, my spirit world connection, the talking deity, Jeeva Samadhi of Siddhas, how to talk with the spirit, astrology tricks of Siddhas, effective remedies, effective Bhairava remedies, etc. He is the author of various spiritual books and has worked as the editor of the spiritual monthly magazine, Talking God.

  • Sirdi Saibaba
  • Shri Alakku Siddhar
  • To him who received the complete grace of Sri Annan Swami
  • Many people who have taken astrological advice have achieved a good status in the society and are big businessmen today
  • Biggest stars in the screen world
  • They have also been holding the highest positions in politics
  • Starting with proper naming of horoscopes for children
  • Up to and including the naming of business entities
  • Work
  • Promotion marriage
  • To get rid of obstacles in marriage, to have children, to get rid of obstacles in building own house and house, to prevail in the family, to get accurate and clear astrology advice, you can register in advance.